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Ritual - a visible act performed with invisible intent. If you've ever made a wish and blown out the candles on a birthday cake, you've performed a ritual.

Welcome to my cosmic kitchen. Nibble on simple rituals designed to deepen your connection to yourself and those around you. Feast on substantive rituals for weddings, baby blessings, vow renewals, new homes, new businesses, projects of all kinds.   

You'll also find rituals to help you process loss and navigate the rocky roads of life. While a ritual won't take away pain, a good ritual, one filled with meaning and performed with respect, can help us carry the burdens that come with being human. 

As the seasons change, rituals connect us to the wisdom of the ancestors and to the invisible world we glimpse when we gaze at the moon and reflect on the changes in our life, when we wish upon a star and feel hope, when we see a butterfly and surrender to inevitable  transformation.

I'm Zita Christian. I've been performing public and private rituals for large groups, families, and individuals for nearly twenty years. You can find more information at  If you're interested in weddings, please go you Youtube and watch "Weddings with Zita" where I interview wedding vendors and newlyweds. It's one of three shows I host and produce on the ZitaTVNetwork.

You can find me on Facebook -- Moon River Rituals & Ritual Recipes. 

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Nov 7, 2020

To a writer, the blank screen can be exciting or daunting. Find helpful rituals with magic pens, stones, and draw on the special qualities of lions, ants, cardinals, and whales. 

This episode also looks back in history at cultural changes brought about centuries ago by the Black Death, the invention of the printing...

Oct 25, 2020

Did your grandmother's house have a parlor that was used to care for the dead? Mine did.

When the time comes, which do you want: a funeral home or a home funeral? Burial or cremation? Fancy casket or cardboard box? Ashes in an urn or scattered someplace special? Who have you talked to about what you want? No one? I'm...

Oct 10, 2020

Most couples don't get married expecting to get divorced. But when a marriage is dissolved, can ritual help the couple move on? Rocky Road is a marriage maintenance ritual. Untying the Knot is a funeral ritual for the death of a marriage. 

As heretical as it might sound, I don't believe that all marriages are meant to...

Sep 26, 2020

Over 11 million dogs and cats die in the United States every year. Because of the close bond people have with their pets, the people are often referred to as "pet parents." So, what do we do when a beloved pet dies? How do we celebrate the life that gave unconditional love? 

The first pet cemetery in the U.S. was...

Aug 1, 2020

She's a woman of "a certain age." Our culture thinks those words are better than saying "she's old." Well, I'm a woman of a certain age. I'm certain of who I am, certain of what I want, and certain of what I have to offer the world. I'm 72 and I'm a Crone. I claimed that title in a ritual called "Croning." 

A croning...